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Tradition with charm – that’s how it started!

… In 1962, the grandparents Josef and Burgi Hölzl, two farmers from Maria Alm, bought the property on which the Alpenhof stands today from the nuns.

In 1968 the construction of the Pension Alpenhof began. Since the two daughters of Josef and Burgi Hölzl were farmers and sawmill owners themselves and had a lot of work, Ms. Frieda Brandtner from Hinterglemm ran the business with half board until 1979.

The grandparents chose their three grandchildren from  Introducing the Hofermühle sawmill Elisabeth, Karin and Marianne into operation. Thanks to the great support and motivation of your grandparents, you were ready to take on the big task at the age of 18, 17 and 16 and so ran the company together until 1986.

Since two of the sisters got married and had children, Karin leads  Eder the  Operation alone since 1986.

In 1989 the grandfather died and the business was handed over to the mother Marianne Lohninger. The mother was the owner until 1998 and then transferred it to Karin Eder.

In 1984 Karin married her husband Rupert Eder and had 3 daughters and one with him  Son.

Rupert is a passionate truck driver and has started his own business in this business. Karin’s daughters are also in the  Hospitality business. The son followed in the father’s footsteps.

The Alpenhof was renovated from 1999 to 2004 and is therefore a modern top *** hotel in Maria Alm.

Due to the many regular guests who make Karin suggestions and also suggestions for improvement, there are guests who have been coming to the hotel for more than 20 years. New guests often come as friends too  At home and through the good advertising and word of mouth, Karin Eder can talk about a good course and positive development of her hotel.