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Themed evenings

Love of creativity

The love of creativity and our hunger for experiences help us to keep finding new ideas that inspire our guests!

Our goal is to create unique moments and experiences in a relaxed, family atmosphere. Culinary and enjoyment will accompany these experiences …

Italian evening

Buona sera! Is it called today. Noodles and pasta as far as the eye can see. Fish specialties are also a must at the Steinernes Meer … “lasciare al gusto! Enjoy your meal!”

Kaiser evening – home country Austria

Has the emperor already greeted you? No? Then it’s about time! Emperor Franz and Empress Sissi take you in  Reception. Viennese waltzes, Kaiserschnitzel, Kaiserschmarren and Alt Wiener Lieder transport us all back to a golden time … “All waltzes!”

Torchlight hike

We’re going on a local hike.  Others walk by day – we walk with torches. Harmonica and schnapps – and that at night. Experience our unique village from a very special side. “A schnapps in  Nobody can refuse honors – especially not when walking around the digestive system “

Gala evening

Starting with a sparkling champagne reception, you can really enjoy yourself.  You will be pampered with a special 5-course menu. Enjoyment is the order of the day!


Conviviality, hustle and bustle and cheerfulness is the top priority! Anyone who doesn’t have fun here is no longer there to help – you could almost say. There is a boisterous celebration, veal sausage eaten, chicken legs enjoyed, dancing and singing.